29 August 2008 XXXI
Khamsin Molossia News

We have been featured in Poland, China, Canada, Maryland and, most recently, in Chicago, but the Republic of Molossia has received no press in the local Northern Nevada area - until now. After 31 years of existence, ten of them right here outside of Dayton, Nevada, our little nation has been overlooked locally, in spite of our best efforts. Now, the local press has arrived. In late July reporter Jill Lufrano and photographer Lisa Tolda visited Molossia to report about our nation to the local papers. They were treated to the usual tour given all guests to our nation, escorted around by His Excellency, The President. In addition, Jill and Lisa were given our national treat of cookie dough, received souvenirs and had honorary passports stamped. Though the visit was remarkably brief, it was quite enjoyable, and on August 27th, 2008 XXXI the article appeared in the Dayton Courier, the newspaper that serves the valley in which Molossia lies. The same article is also featured in the Douglas Times and in the Carson Times, all affiliated with the Reno Gazette-Journal and all serving the communities nearest to our nation. The report is an enjoyable one, and it does our nation proud.

We are quite pleased to have finally "arrived" on the local media scene. While we certainly appreciate the US and international media coverage, we are, after all, a part of the Northern Nevada community, and wish that community to be aware of us. This is a unique area, and our nation is a part of that uniqueness. We are proud of this article, and we look forward to future positive media and community interaction between Molossia and Northern Nevada.

See the Dayton Courier's Article here, here and here.

Lisa Tolda (L) and Jill Lufrano

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