G4 TV Interview
5 April 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 5 April 2009 XXXII, a crew from the television channel G4 arrived in Molossia to interview His Excellency, The President. G4 is an American cable channel devoted to the world of video games and technology. The interview will air on the new G4 show, G4 Underground, which focuses on more unusual stories - hence the visit to Molossia.

The film crew arrived at around 11:00 AM MST, after a bit of getting lost on the way. They immediately set to work interviewing our President, a process that frequently required multiple takes, and mixed interviewing with other more dramatic footage, often involving His Excellency in heroic poses. The remainder of the morning into early afternoon was spent touring the area in front of Government House, including Republic Square, the Customs Station and the Info Center. A lunch break was followed by a more formal interview session, done next to Helicopter Rock in the Back Forty. While the morning session allowed The President to speak freely on Molossian topics, the afternoon interview was more of a question and answer process. By 5:00 PM MST, the visit was over and the G4 crew headed home, to turn the days work into a 15-minute clip on G4 Underground. We would like to thank G4 for this opportunity to showcase Molossia to the world and we would very much like to thank the crew that visited, Ryan, James and Dave, for their hard work on this project.

The episode featuring Molossia and our President is tentatively scheduled for 3 May 2009 XXXII. Visit the website of G4 here.

Ryan,the Producer

James, the Cameraman

Dave, the Sound Man

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His Excellency, The President Ready for the Interview

The G4 Crew Hard at Work