24 May 2009 XXXII

Khamsin Molossia News

On 22, 23 and 24 May 2009 XXXII, a film crew visited Molossia to film a documentary about our nation. The project was sponsored by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a lengthy study of micronations, with an eye toward answering the question "what constitutes a nation". Prior to visiting Molossia the crew had traveled to Hutt River, Sealand, Seborga, the Seasteading Project and others around the world. Molossia was one of the final stops on this world tour of sovereignty projects.

Day one was on Friday, 22 May, and involved an afternoon meeting with half the team, Jody Shapiro and Denis Seguin. The two gentlemen visited for a couple of hours with His Excellency, The President, in an informal environment, discussing plans for the video shoot. The second day, Saturday, 23 May, was the principal shooting day and started at about 10:00 AM MST. Jody and Denis were accompanied by the rest of the crew, Lindsay Hamel and John Gurdebeke. The team was also joined by a brass quartet from the Carson City Symphony. The quartet members were Mark Lord and Christina Quigley on trumpet, Dean Carter on the trombone and David Bugli on the tuba. The quartet was retained to play the Molossian National Anthem. Mr. Bugli also arranged the music, which is adapted from the Albanian National Anthem. This marks the first time that our National Anthem has ever been played by a band here in Molossia, a landmark day for our nation. After a morning of filming the band playing, the film crew followed His Excellency, The President throughout our nation, as he took them on the standard tour of Molossia.

The third and final day was Sunday, 24 May, and was focused on filming a formal interview with The President. This interview took place not far from Helicopter Rock, in the Back Forty, and lasted a little more than an hour. Subsequent to the interview, the team wrapped up filming and packed up to leave Molossia. They traveled with His Excellency to nearby Virginia City for lunch and a tour of that town before parting ways.

It is expected that the show regarding micronations will air on the CBC channel "Documentaries" later this year and perhaps will even be shown at the Sundance Festival. Either way, we look forward to the show and of course to seeing Molossia's name broadcast to the world.

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The President with the Band

The Crew: John, Lindsay, Jody and Denis

Looking Regal

The Band: Dean, David, Mark and Christina

John and Jody Lining Up a Shot