MicroCon 2017

A meet up of micronationalists from around the world!

On 23, 24 and 25 June 2017 XL saw the advent the second major intermicronational get-together and conference, MicroCon 2017. Hosted this year by the Kingdom of Ruritania, MicroCon is a biennial meet-up of micronationalists from around the world.


The evening before the event began many micronationalists gathered at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Ruritania for a diplomatic reception. This allowed the leaders of the assembled nations to gather socially, exchange ideas and generally get to know each other. Most micronationalists come from locales far from each other and the opportunity to meet and greet at the Embassy was a welcome one.


The conference proper began the following day at the Tucker Reid H. Cofer Library, in Tucker Georgia, and from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, delegates from 26 micronations gathered to share their ideas, dreams and worlds with each other. Throughout the day presentations were given on a wide variety of micronational topics, ranging from micronational citizenship, sustainment, territorial versus non-territorial state models, micronational currency and postage, micronation constitutions and history, the mental state of the iconic Emperor Norton (as well as our own mental states) and even the danger of squirrels. Breaks were taken, including lunch, to allow time for networking and socializing - and of course many photo-ops in front of each nation's information display. The media was also in attendance, including Vice Television, a delegation from the Republic of Saugeais and of course stalwart micronational photographer Matt Roth. After an all too brief five and a half hours the conference adjourned and the delegates departed to prepare for the evening's event, the MicroCon Gala.

Conference Attendees.

Conference in Session.

President Desaintes, S˘gm˘ Will Soergel, Prince Jean-Pierre.

Queen Anastasia, President Baugh, S˘gm˘ Will Soergel.

The King and Prince of Royal Edan.

Foreign Minister Michael Farr, Vice President John Farr.

Molossians and Westarcticans.

King Ernest Emmanuel, King Philip, Grand Duke Travis, Prince Dinny, Prince Arthur.

Prince Arthur, President Baugh, Prince Jean-Pierre, King George.

Prince Arthur of Homestead.

King of Richard I Royal Edan.

First Lady Adrianne Baugh.

King George II of Slabovia.

Vice-President John Farr of West Who.

S˘gm˘ Will Soergel of Sandus.

Prince Jean-Pierre and Minister Olivier Martinez of Aigues-Mortes.

Cathy von Elfberg, Prince Jean-Pierre and Queen Anastasia.

Aigues-Mortes Interview.

Baron Cisneros of Flandrensis.

Grand Duke Travis Attentive.

Baron Omar, Grand Duke Travis, S˘gm˘ Will Soergel.

President Bannister of Boshka.

Grand Marshall Karo Lynn of Obsidia.

Emperor Eric Lis of Aerica.


HRH Julianna (Ruritania)
"How To Sustain A Micronation"
HM King Ernest-Emanuel (Amethonia)
MicroCon: It Is What We Make It
HIH Eric Lis (Aerica)
"Mental Condition of Emperor Norton"
HSH Jean-Pierre (Aigues-Mortes)
"Alternative Citizenship"
HM King Richard (Royal Edan)
"The Need For Non-Territorial States"
HE Baron Omar Cisnerosos (Flandrensis)
ôHobby Micronationalism In The 21st Centuryö
Pres. Michael R. Bannister (Boshka)
"What Gives Your Currency Value?"
Vice President John Farr (West Who)
"Micronational Postal Systems"
President Kevin Baugh (Molossia)
"Keeping It Real - Real Life, Real Activities and Real Places in Micronationalism"
Marshal Karo Lyn (Obsidia)
"Breaking Borders; Art States and Social Impact"
First Lady Adrianne Baugh (Molossia)
"Women in Micronations: Starting Your Own or Supporting Your Dictator Husband"
S˘gm˘ Will Soergel (Sandus)
"The Sandum Constitution"
Cathy von Elfberg (Ruritania)
HM King George II (Slabovia)
"How To Apply To Host A MicroCon"


Flag Micronation
Kingdom of Ruritania
Republic of Molossia
Grand Duchy of Westarctica
House of Homestead
Kaotic Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia
West Who
Kingdom of Slabovia
PrincipautÚ d'Aigues-Mortes
RÚpublique de St Castin
Mountain Empire of Frankland
Aerican Empire
Kingdom of Talossa
Kingdom of Coria
Commonwealth of Boshka
Empire of Byzantium Novum
Kingdom of Edan
State of Sandus
Kingdom of Amethonia
Republic of Incrementis
Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Technocratic Republic of Theodia
Republique du Saugeais
Flag Not Available Kingdom of Briarcliff
Flag Not Available Kingdom of Jupiter and the Greater Territories
Flag Not Available Star Kingdom


The MicroCon Gala was a semi-formal ball, arranged as a soirÚe following the convention. Attendees arrived at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant in the Perimeter Mall at 7:30 PM, dressed in their finery for an evening of dining and hobnobbing. After a magnificent dinner, awards were presented by various micronational leaders to their peers and associates. Among the presenters were Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, the Prince and Princess of Aigues-Mortes, The King of Slabovia, The President and First Lady of Molossia, and Prince Arthur of Homestead. Following the awards ceremony dining and socializing continued until the evening wound down and each leader and their party took their leave. Thus ended this year's MicroCon event. MicroCon 2017 was an even greater one than the first event in 2015 and the next MicroCon is already being planned for Toronto in 2019. Until then the memories of this remarkable MicroCon will remain with all for a very long time!

Westarcticans and the Prince and Princess of Aigues-Mortes.

Dining at the Gala.

Gala Group.

The Prince and Princess Greet Queen Anastasia.

Prince Arthur Presnts an Award.

Grand Duke Travis Presents an Award.

A Toast!

Another Gala Group.