The Molossian National Assembly convened on 29 April 2012 XXXV, in the office of
the President of the Republic. In attendance were the resident citizens of Molossia;
email contributions were solicited from non-resident citizens, without response.
The President began the session by briefing the assembled citizens of the current
state of the nation. Thereafter followed a session of old business then new business.
The President took several matters into consideration, and adjourned the Assembly
until the next meeting, at the end of May 2012 XXXV.

State of the Nation:

Molossia's website averages 24,400 hits per day. Our Facebook group has 1853 members.
We have 652 Twitter followers. All movies have been moved off the Molossia server to
YouTube, freeing up 150 MB of server space. Work is completed on the remodel of the
Water Tower and related water wheel and wishing well. Work continues of the creation
of a visitor information and sign-in board. The principal upcoming event is Founder's
Day, the 35th anniversary of the founding of our nation, taking place 26 May 2012 XXXV.
Activities will include the usual tours as well as a BBQ later in the day and possibly
a live band. That evening may conclude with a movie in Norton Park, the first of a
planned series of movies to be shown in the Park during the warmer months.

Old business:

A request was made last month to offer citizenship to a non-citizen that lives in the
local area. As the individual is not a family member, The President decided that we
will instead offer honorary citizenship. The previous proposal of a Walk-A-Thon, to
take place in and around Molossia, is still under consideration. The proposal of a
Molossia fashion show is also still under consideration. The sports day proposed last
month was inadvertently overlooked and will take place in May.

New business:

As a part of the construction for the new information sign, a giant boulder was moved
by team effort on 29 April 2012 XXXV. In honor of this mighty effort, The President has
decreed a new holiday, Boulder Day, which will be held on 1 May of every year. It will
 be celebrated with meatball sandwiches from Subway. A proposal has been made for a
pledge of allegiance; a competition will be held throughout the month of May for the
best pledge. It will be presented at the next session of the National Assembly. The
First Lady has proposed a more formal National Assembly proceeding, with flag salute
and reciting of the new pledge of allegiance. This will take place as well at the
next session of the National Assembly.

Matters under consideration:

The sports day will take place in May, at a time to be determined. It will be focused
on Broomball, the official sport of Molossia. Also, the plan to update the Molossia
Rangers uniforms continues to be in the works. The aforementioned honorary citizenship
will be offered. A pledge of allegiance will be adopted and used at the next National

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