The Molossian National Assembly convened on 5 January 2013 XXXVI, in the office of the President of the
Republic.  This was the first Assembly meeting since 30 September 2012 XXXV, in accordance with The
President's directive that assembly meetings will only be held quarterly, since then.  In attendance
were the resident citizens of Molossia; email contributions were solicited from non-resident citizens,
without response.  As the Assembly is a purely advisory body, no legislative actions took place.  The
President began the session by briefing the assembled citizens of the current state of the nation.
Thereafter followed a session of old business and new business.  The President took several matters
into consideration, and adjourned the Assembly until the next quarterly meeting, at the beginning of
April 2013 XXXVI.
State of the Nation: Molossia's website averages for the last three months of 2012 were 25,478 hits per day. Our Facebook group has 2018 members, passing 2000 on New Year's Eve. We have 876 Twitter followers. Old business: To recap events of the last quarter, the Day of Merriment (First Lady's Birthday) took place on 15 October. The Nevada Day Parade took place in Carson City on 27 October. Guy Fawkes Night was celebrated 5 November. A petition was launched on 14 November to ask the U.S. Government to enter into a Compact of Free Association with the Molossia, seen as a first step to eventual total sovereignty for our nation. The petition closed with a total of 271 signatures, a far cry from the 25,000 needed for a response from the White House, but still a good effort. Once the petition passed 150 signatures it became visible to the general public and thence generated a good deal of media attention. On 26 November we inaugurated our first money redesign since 2003 and we are very proud of our new banknotes. Christmas activities dominated most of December. New business: We will commence making and selling soap in the very near future, our first real manufactured product. A winter survival expedition will take place sometime during the month of January, involving the Molossia Rangers and Molossian Naval Infantry. Activities will be mixed training with pleasure; along with survival activities such as making a snow shelter, sledding and some sort of winter warfare training will occur. Building projects will commence over the next three months; planned are the new Bank of Molossia building and a bike storage shed. A jail is also planned, to be built further in the future. Discussion was made of the proposed reality TV series, for which Tom and Harriet visited from London in September. The taster film made from the footage taken in September has been sent to various American television networks. Hopefully we will have word soon if our nation is going to be featured in a television show. In addition, Mike Martelle of Ontario, Canada has been appointed as Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion of Molossia and Vesperia. He will begin competing in February, proudly wearing the Molossian flag on his uniform. A suggestion box will be placed in Government House for the promotion of future Molossian activities. Return to the National Assembly Page