The Molossian National Assembly convened on 30 July 2012 XXXV, in the office of the President of the Republic.  In
attendance were the resident citizens of Molossia; email contributions were solicited from non-resident citizens,
without response.  As the Assembly is a purely advisory body, no legislative actions took place.  The President began
the session by briefing the assembled citizens of the current state of the nation.  Thereafter followed a session of
old business and new business.  The President took several matters into consideration, and adjourned the Assembly
until the next meeting, at the end of August 2012 XXXV.

State of the Nation:

Molossia's website averages for June - July were 20,248 hits per day.  Our Facebook group has 1885 members.  We have
726 Twitter followers.  The month of July saw the successful European trip of The President and First Lady, which took
place 11 - 21 July 2012 XXXV.  This included several days stay in London, in conjunction with the PoliNation 2012
Conference at Chelsea Town Hall.  The PoliNation 2012 was an historic occasion which saw the meeting of about 45
micronationalists under one roof for a single day conference.  The agenda included several discussions and briefings
on the various micronations represented.  His Excellency's speech was very well-received and the conference was a
great success.  In addition, His Excellency, The President celebrated his 50th birthday with dinner at Olive Garden
and a visit to a local home for wayward girls.

Old business:

Still in the planning process are shirts for the Molossia Rangers as well as sashes for merit badges.  The Walk-A-Thon
 was again mentioned, and is still under consideration.  Movies In The Park are still planned on dates to be determined.

New business:

The Molossian Navy will deploy on its annual maneuvers, to either Lake Tahoe or Donner Lake, the weekend of 4-5 August.
The Molossian Institute of Volcanology will carry out an expedition to Lassen Volcanic National Park the weekend of August
11-12.  A French media team will visit Molossia September 14-16 and a Dutch media team will visit Molossia on 28 September.
The planned Molossia jail may come to fruition soon with the possible arrival of a cast off building from outside Molossia,
which will be remodeled for our use.  The President proposed some sort of golf course or range be built for the use and
enjoyment of Molossia's citizens.

Matters under consideration:

Discussion still continues on the Rangers uniform shirts and sashes.  Discussion also continues on the Walk-A-Thon, and
the golf course.  The business cards need to be designed and printed.

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