The Molossian National Assembly convened on 24 June 2012 XXXV, in the office of the President of
the Republic.  In attendance were the resident citizens of Molossia; email contributions were
solicited from non-resident citizens, without response.  As the Assembly is a purely advisory body,
no legislative actions took place.  The President began the session by briefing the assembled
citizens of the current state of the nation.  Thereafter followed a session of old business and
new business.  The President took several matters into consideration, and adjourned the Assembly
until the next meeting, at the end of July 2012 XXXV.

State of the Nation:

Molossia's website averages for May - June were 12,235 hits per day.  Our Facebook group has 1859
members.  We have 704 Twitter followers.  The month of June saw a successful Molossia Rangers
expedition to Bodie ghost town, taking place on 3 June 2012 XXXV, followed by a very successful
foray to the wilds of America by Outpost Molossia, our new Corps of Discovery caravansary.  Other
activities during June included a viewing of the Transit of Venus across the sun on 5 June 2012
XXXV and a minor Railroad Day event on 24 June 2012 XXXV, wherein most of the engines on the
Molossia Railroad were run, in conjunction with a BBQ.

Old business:

Still in the planning process are shirts for the Molossia Rangers as well as sashes for merit badges.
The Walk-A-Thon was again mentioned, and is still under consideration.  Movies In The Park are still
planned on dates to be determined.

New business:

The upcoming European trip of The President and First Lady was discussed, to take place 11 - 21 July
2012 XXXV.  This will of course include several days stay in London, in conjunction with the Polination
2012 conference at Chelsea Town Hall.  This will be quite an historic occasion.  In addition, His
Excellency, The President's 50th birthday will be celebrated, with events to be determined, promising
to also be a enjoyable event.  St. Swithun's Day is another of Molossia's upcoming holidays, on 15 July,
and it was decided at this meeting that it will be celebrated with ice cream, as the same day is Ice
Cream Day in the United States.  Discussion was also made regarding the future construction of a Molossia
Jail, Molossia Bank and planned Tiki Room.  These should all be built next year.  Also suggested was
some sort of recirculating pool with a waterfall.  The First Lady broached the idea of business cards,
which can be handed out as needed, to inform those individuals who are curious about Molossia the
location of our webpage and how to visit.
Matters under consideration: Discussion still continues on the Rangers uniform shirts and sashes. Discussion also continues on the Walk-A-Thon, and planning still needs to take place concerning the upcoming Europe trip, and The President's Birthday. The business cards need to be designed and printed. Return to the National Assembly Page