The Molossian National Assembly convened on 31 March 2012 XXXV, in the
office of the President of the Republic.  In attendance were the resident
citizens of Molossia; email contributions were solicited from non-resident
citizens, without response.  As the Assembly is a purely advisory body,
no legislative actions took place.  The President began the session by
briefing the assembled citizens of the current state of the nation.
Thereafter followed a session of new business, there as yet being no old
business to discuss.  The President took several matters into consideration,
and adjourned the Assembly until the next meeting, at the end of April 2012 XXXV.

State of the Nation:

Molossia's website averages 838 hits per day.  Our Facebook group has 1827
members.  We have 622 Twitter followers.  Molossia's citizenship has increased
dramatically in March with the addition of several family members and their
families, to a total of 27.  Work is nearing completion on the Red Square
Redevelopment Project, with the Post Office, Trading Post, President's Office,
the Square itself and path connecting to Norton Park complete.  Remaining is
the remodel of the Water Tower and related water wheel and wishing well and
creation of a visitor sign-in board.  Upcoming activities include the Qingming
holiday, which will include a cleanup of Mark Twain Park and the Molossia
Cemetery.  A Titanic party is planned for 14 April, to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the sinking of that vessel.  Also planned is the making of a
new Molossia movie, to be filmed at Dayton State Park.

Old business:


New business:

A request was made to offer citizenship to non-citizens that live in the local
area.  As the over-arching citizenship rule is that citizens must be known
personally (not solely through the internet), the proposal in not with merit.
A proposal was made for a Walk-A-Thon, to take place in and around Molossia.
A Molossia fashion show was also proposed, perhaps in theme outfits, such as
zombies, pajamas or formal wear.  A sports day was also proposed.

Matters under consideration:

The sports day will take place in April, at a time to be determined.  It will
be focused on Broomball, the official sport of Molossia.  The Broomball Field,
next to the Tower of the Winds, will be demarcated and goals will be established.
Also, the Molossia Rangers uniforms will be updated and the Rangers themselves
will again be active, after a year without any activities.  The aforementioned
citizenship question will be considered.

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