The Molossian National Assembly convened on 30 September 2012 XXXV, in the office of the President of the
Republic.  In attendance were the resident citizens of Molossia; email contributions were solicited from
non-resident citizens, without response.  As the Assembly is a purely advisory body, no legislative actions
took place.  The President began the session by briefing the assembled citizens of the current state of the
nation.  Thereafter followed a session of old business and new business.  The President took several matters
into consideration, and adjourned the Assembly until the next meeting, at the end of October 2012 XXXV.

State of the Nation:

Molossia's website averages for May - June were 12,574 hits per day.  Our Facebook group has 1891 members.
We have 771 Twitter followers.  The month of September was very busy, with a contribution to Kiva, benefiting
Richard, a banana farmer from Uganda.  We had visits from 11 tourists, a single-month record.  The President,
First Lady and First Kids appeared in the Dayton Valley Days Parade, and a rocket project took place at Misfit
Flats, both in conjunction with a visit from a British television crew interested in producing a reality series
about Molossia.  We also had a visit from a French journalist and most recently from a Dutch professor doing a
political commentary show about the US Presidential election.  In addition, Radio Molossia featured a Canadian
band, the first time we have hosted a band's music at their request.

Old business:

Mostly as mentioned above.  Still in the planning process are shirts for the Molossia Rangers as well as sashes
for merit badges.  The Walk-A-Thon is still under consideration.

New business:

The Nevada Day parade will take place on 27 October 2012 XXXV, and a red Mustang convertible has been arranged to
carry the First Family.  Planning for The First Lady's Birthday, aka The National Day of Merriment is in the works.
The First Grandparents will visit in late October, around the time of the Nevada Day Parade, and a science expedition
is planned to Walley's Hot Springs, last visited in mid-August.  First Daughter Alexis Baugh was appointed as Chief
Constable of the Republic, in conjunction with the decree of new laws by His Excellency, The President.  She is
charged with enforcing those laws and generally maintaining peace in the Republic.

Discussion still continues on the Rangers uniform shirts and sashes.  Discussion also continues on the Walk-A-Thon,
and planning still needs to take place concerning the upcoming Nevada Day Parade, and The First Lady's Birthday.
The business cards need to be designed and printed.

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