Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On June 18th, 2007 XXX, the mighty Molossian Navy launched its latest mission of exploration, in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. The purpose of this expedition was twofold, first, to take our Navy to the Pacific Ocean, and second to explore the lagoons of Pescadero Beach. Pescadero Beach is located some 22 Imperial Nortons (22 km / 14 mi) south of the small town of Half Moon Bay, on the Central California Coast. In the days when Molossia claimed land that was not its own, Pescadero Beach was one of those claims. A small marker was placed at that time, now lost in the underbrush bordering the beach. Today, Molossia no longer claims Pescadero Beach, but we have a strong connection to this location. Thus it was a natural choice for our Navy's first ocean expedition.

On a foggy Monday morning, our Navy set out for Pescadero Beach. Upon arrival, our plan almost immediately went awry. The lagoon, focus of our mission, was closed to water traffic due to it being a wildlife habitat. Furthermore, the surf of the ocean itself was quite powerful, which prevented our plan of short costal voyages. With both goals thwarted, the Navy set out on foot to explore the lagoon. The target of this foray was the east side of the lagoon (an estuary of Pescadero Creek). This remote area showed signs of human habitation, in the form of several driftwood huts. These huts proved to be quite intricate, and begged explanation. Such was not forthcoming, so it is left to us to speculate that the huts were perhaps built by ancient inhabitants of the area, or perhaps by sailors shipwrecked here in the last century, when the are was still remote. We may never know.

The Pescadero Beach mission being truncated, the Navy regrouped and set out for another location, San Gregorio Beach. San Gregorio Beach is located a few Imperial Nortons up the coast from Pescadero, still south of Half Moon Bay. This location proved to be an immediate improvement, as the mouth of San Gregorio Creek forms a lagoon, ideal for our Navy to explore. Within minutes of arrival, the Platypus and the Bandicoot were in the water and under way. The entire citizenry of Molossia was involved in this adventure, especially the initial forays around the lagoon, near the ocean. After a few first sorties in the lagoon, two separate missions further afield were undertaken, to explore up San Gregorio Creek. The first of these expeditions traveled as far as the highway bridge over the creek, around the bridge piers and back to the beach. This mission was undertaken by the First Lady and First Son, Mark Baugh. The second expedition traveled further up San Gregorio Creek, and included a brief unplanned encounter with some reeds and a side trip up a tributary to the creek. This mission also included First Son, Mark Baugh, as well as His Excellency, The President. Second Son, Carson Baugh, remained safely on the beach during these sorties, although he was a part of the initial forays around the lagoon, and did engage in a brief naval skirmish during this event.

The expedition complete, our brave Navy retired from the waters, and celebrated their mighty accomplishment at a Mexican Restaurant in Half Moon Bay.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!


Pescadero Beach Rocks

Pescadero Creek Lagoon

Pescadero Creek Lagoon

Crossing the Lagoon

The President Stuck in the Sand

Inside a Driftwood Hut

Another Hut

Hut with Gate


Inside the Largest Hut

Doorway to the Largest Hut

Hut Panorama


San Gregorio Lagoon

Nearby Ocean

His Excellency at Sea

Carson at Sea

Naval Skirmish!

Mark at Sea

Navigating the Lagoon

Mark and First Lady,
Under Way

Approaching the Bridge

Navigating Upstream

Exploring the Creek

Heading Out to Sea?

Aerial View of the Theatre of Operations on the Pacific Coast

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