Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On November 11th, 2005 XVIII, the magnificent Molossian Navy launched an invasion of Sandpiper Island. This "invasion" was actually a military exercise, designed to test the strength of our young Navy. The island, located in Lahontan Reservoir in Nevada, has been a goal of our proud Navy since its inception last summer. A previous sortie was thwarted by an inexperienced crew, but that was not the case today. At about 2:00 PM Molossian Standard Time, the mighty M.S. Wombat set out from the muddy shore of Lahontan, and sallied forth into the waves (small as they were). Skirting a large sandbar, the Wombat approached the island from the North, and landed on a tiny beach on the Northwest shore after a grueling ten-minute voyage. His Excellency, The President led the way ashore and waved the flag in honor of our Navy's accomplishment. A brief expedition around the island revealed valuable intelligence information about this strategic locale.

Situated in the Eastern arm of Lahontan Reservoir, Sandpiper Island lies about one Imperial Norton (1 km) from the dam, and is about 2054 sRN (.5 ha / 1.3 acres) in size. It is covered in brush, and sports about four decent-sized cottonwood trees. From its summit, which rises about ten meters above the current lake level, there is an excellent strategic view of the entire eastern end of the lake. This changes of course, as the level of the lake water rises and falls during the year. The island has no official name, according to the staff of the Lahontan State Recreation Area, so His Excellency, The President named it Sandpiper Island, after the Sandpiper birds that dwell upon the island seasonally.

After the reconnaissance, the Navy set sail again for the shore. Sailing against the current required stupendous effort on the part of our valiant sailors, but they prevailed, and landed ashore after a hard fifteen minute crossing. The expedition complete, our brave Navy retired from the waters, and celebrated their mighty accomplishment at the Del Taco in Carson City.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

The Wombat, Ready to Launch

Sandpiper Island in the Distance

The Invasion Under Way!

Looking Back Toward Land

Another View of the Shore

Sandpiper Island Nears

The Island Even Nearer

The Wombat Lands on Sandpiper Island

Looking Upward from the Landing Site

The President With the National Flag

The President Looking Regal
(The Island is Ours!)

Looking Toward Shore

The Center of the Island

Looking North from the Island

The East Shore

The South Shore

Tree on the Island

Brush on the Island

The Island Recedes Aft

Sandpiper Island Again, from the Shore -
The Invasion Over

Sandpiper Island as Seen From Space

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