Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On July 29th, 2006 XIX, the magnificent Molossian Navy launched a voyage of exploration through Donner Lagoon. This expedition was intended to serve as a expedition of discovery for our Navy and it was a complete success. Its focus was Donner Lagoon, which is an arm of beautiful Donner Lake in California. Donner Lake lies about 80 Imperial Nortons (80 km / 50 mi) from the Molossian Home Territory, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Its namesake is the ill-fated Donner Party, which was stranded near here during the winter of 1846-1847, and suffered terrible hardships before finally being rescued.

The day of the voyage could not have been less different from that awful winter long ago. The weather was perfect and the normally cool lake water was warm, an ideal day for an expedition. At about 12:00 PM Molossian Standard Time, the mighty M.S. Wombat set out from a quiet cove at the west end of Donner Lagoon, and sailed east. Progress was steady and sedate, the water calm and generally free of obstacles. A few snags presented a minor challenge for our Navy's navigational skills, but they were easily overcome. At about the mid-point of the Lagoon, the decision was made to put in to shore for a brief lunch break. After a leisurely meal under the pines, the Navy sailed forth again, and made for nearby 5 MPH island, in the channel leading out to Donner Lake proper. The decision was made not to go out onto the lake because of the light chop there, so the Wombat landed at 5 MPH Island and its crew explored the tiny islet.

After a short stay at the island, the Wombat again set out, this time to explore the eastern arm of Donner Lagoon. This arm leads up to the mouth of Donner Creek and it was at this point that the Navy turned the Wombat around to return down the Lagoon. The turn-around point was a large submerged rock with a vicious-looking point on it that His Excellency, The President named "Iceberg Rock". On the return voyage the Wombat passed a shallow side inlet that The President named "Black Lagoon" after the movie of the same name.

During the return voyage, the Wombat briefly paused again at 5 MPH Island, and then set out on the final leg back to the launch point. The voyage was overall without mishap, and a great deal was learned, both about Donner Lagoon and about the capabilities of our mighty Navy. At three hours long, this was the longest waterborne mission our Navy has undertaken.

The expedition complete, our brave Navy retired from the waters, and celebrated their mighty accomplishment at the Olive Garden in Reno.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

His Excellency,
The President and
The Wombat, Ready
to Launch

West Arm, Donner Lagoon

Donner Lagoon

Donner Lagoon

Our Valiant Sailor at the Oars

Donner Lake

5 MPH Island

His Excellency,
The President on
5 MPH Island

The Wombat at the Island

His Excellency,
The President and
Wombat Helmsman Carson
Baugh on the Island

Tree on 5 MPH Island

Near the Mouth of Donner Creek

East Arm, Donner Lagoon

Iceberg Rock

Is this the
mysterious Black Lagoon?

Aerial View of Operations on Donner Lagoon

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