Exploring North Shore Of Lake Tahoe

Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On Sunday, 22 July 2018 XLI the Molossian Navy deployed to nearby Lake Tahoe, a favored spot for the Navy's many voyages of discovery. The target this time was at the north end of the lake near Tahoe City, a secluded beach area called Lake Forest. The Navy has never explored this area of Lake Tahoe before, so this voyage was to cover new ground - or water, rather. Arriving at about 11:00 AM MST, the Navy deployed immediately onto the lake, and quickly set as its destination a copse of semi-submerged willows not far off shore. Upon arriving at the bushy atoll it was discovered that the brush and trees hid a tiny island, a marshy islet reminiscent of a mangrove swamp in the American south. The President and Chief Constable went ashore to explore the mysterious islet, a brief foray considering the small size of the island. The duo then returned to the rest of the fleet and completed a circumnavigation of the islet before voyaging further afield in the vicinity. After navigating adjacent waters and practicing deeper water boarding, the Navy eventually returned to shore, mission complete. The fleet then returned to Molossia, another successful mission for the Mighty Molossian Navy!

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

Molossian Flag On The Rocks.

The Mysterious Island.

The President Afloat.

The President On The Island.

Chief Constable Exploring.

The President Looking Out.

The First Lady Circumnavigating.

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