A Scientific Voyage To A Lost Piece of History.

Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

Beautiful Lake Tahoe
On Monday, 15 August 2022 XLV the Molossian Navy deployed to nearby Lake Tahoe, a favored spot for the Navy's many voyages of discovery. The focus of this mission was to explore some mysterious sunken railroad tracks, just offshore from Pope Beach, a favored sun and sand location at the south end of the lake. Arriving at about 1:30 PM MST, the Navy deployed immediately onto the lake, and quickly set out to find and explore the sunken tracks. After an arduous trek across the waters, the fleet arrived at their destination. The underwater tracks lie just offshore from the area of Valhalla, a series of palatial vacation homes of Lucky Baldwin, the 19th century California millionaire businessman, and his contemporaries. They were used during the late 19th and early 20th century to move large yachts to and from the water from boathouses on the shore. In the century since the heyday of the millionaires, the lavish boats are gone and the old boathouses have been repurposed, in the case of one, into a theater. The former boat tracks now lie abandoned and rusting away slowly in the clear waters of Lake Tahoe. The Molossian fleet explored the tracks and their environs for a while, marveling at this long-forgotten piece of history, before eventually voyaging back to their starting point. The fleet then returned to Molossia, by way of a favorite burger stand, another successful mission for the Mighty Molossian Navy!

The First Lady Afloat

Distant Chief Constable

Valhalla Boathouse

Pope Boathouse

Tracks Into The Water

Sunken Tracks

Sunken Tracks

Sunken Tracks

Sunken Tree

Treestump Or Dock Piling

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