Molossia's Newest Line of Defense

Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

Defense of the Molossian Nation is the responsibility of our great Molossian Navy and to that end our Navy ever strives to stay on the forefront of weapons technology. Whether it's the Kraken Rocket Torpedo, the Great Panjandrum rocket-propelled assault weapon or even our trusty muskets, our defenders never rest when seeking new ways to protect our nation. The latest in the long line of wonder weapons deployed by our Navy is the RC1 Rocket Cannon. Portable and potent, the Rocket Cannon fires a Deadly Little Giant Unobtanium-tipped Q-36 Rocket, small but lethal. On 12 February 2017 XL in Norton Park, the Rocket Cannon was fired for the first time and was a complete success, launching two rockets in turn, both exploding on impact. This test demonstrated the full capabilities and potential of our newest weapon, and showed that it can ably take its place in the defenses of Molossia. We are certain that the RC1 Rocket Cannon will serve Molossia well for many years to come.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

The RC1 Rocket Cannon

Ready for Action

The Deadly Little Giant Unobtanium-tipped Q-36 Rocket

See the movie of the Rocket Cannon in action here!

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