The First Launches Of The "Kraken" Rocket Torpedoes

Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On 10 March 2013 XXXVI, the mighty Molossian Navy performed test launches of our new Rocket Torpedo, dubbed "The Kraken". The Kraken is designed as a rocket-propelled waterborne weapon to be used by the Molossian Navy in defense of our nation. After a year of planning, two models were built to enhance testing of this latest innovation, torpedoes KR-1 and KR-2. Once built, the Molossian Naval Testing Agency set forth to the nearest large body of water, Lake Lahontan, located about 50 Imperial Nortons (50 km/35 miles) east of the Molossian home territory. This lake has hosted several visits from our Navy, including the inaugural launches of the mighty Molossian Navy vessels the MS Wombat, the MS Bandicoot and the MS Platypus. On a warm Sunday afternoon, the two Kraken torpedoes were launched forth into the lake, in a series of six separate trials. In spite of painstaking effort and planning, it was apparent immediately that the torpedoes were not streamlined enough to make headway in the water. The propulsion system, venting apparatus and retrieval systems all worked perfectly. However the flat-bottomed torpedo design resulted in the weapon being pushed down into the water, instead of skimming over the surface as planned. Thus the torpedo traveled barely five Nortons before stalling. In spite of this, the launches were a sight to see, filled with smoke and the whoosh of the state of the art engines. Thus, the mission was declared an overall success, and plans were made immediately to improve the design. Future rocket torpedoes will be more streamlined and success will be achieved, in this latest project of our proud Navy.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

The Kraken Torpedoes

Torpedoes On The Beach

Preparing For Launch

Torpedo In The Water

Ready For Launch From A Rock

Torpedo Plans

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