Sailing The Disappearing Lake

Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On 5 June 2016 XXXIX, the mighty Molossian Navy embarked on its first ever voyage on Washoe Lake. Washoe Lake is a shallow lake located about 49 Imperial Nortons (39 mi/49 km) northwest of Molossia. The lake is subject to wide fluctuations in volume and has suffered a loss of area in recent years due to the ongoing drought. In the fall of 2015 the lake dried up completely, leaving only a damp playa where once fish and migratory birds flourished. This year, thanks to El Niņo, has been a wet one and the lake has recharged somewhat. After last year's drought our Navy deployed to measure the effect of this year's wet winter on the lake.

On a warm June afternoon the Navy set sail upon Washoe Lake, from the dock on the north end of the lake. Deploying from a sandbar the Navy sailed south, quickly discovering that El Niņo hadn't done as a good job as hoped in recharging the lake. The water depth was very shallow, at no point during the voyage exceeding four Nortons (28 in/70 cm). Indeed, the vessels occasionally ran aground during the first part of the voyage and drowned shrubs could be seen emerging from the water. As the mission continued it was also discovered that the lake possesses a current of sorts that runs north into a wildlife refuge. This created a significant obstacle in returning the flotilla to the dock. Eventually it became necessary to dismount from the boats and pull them to shore while wading. In spite of this setback, overall the voyage was a success, determining the effect of the drought on the lake and how it is recovering. It appears that the lake still has a way to go before full recovery and may yet decline later this year. Our Navy will continue its research on the disappearing lake and the effect of the environment on this valuable natural resource.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

Washoe Lake From Above

Lake Panorama

Mountains Beyond

The Fleet Deployed

The President Afloat

The Eastern Shore

The First Lady Adrift

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