Neptune Deep is a territory of the Republic of Molossia, as well as a Marine Sanctuary. It is located at about 7.00.00 N, 115.00.54 W, in the North Pacific Ocean, about 750 Imperial Nortons (750 km / 466 mi) southwest of Clipperton Island and 1860 Imperial Nortons (1860 km / 1155 mi) southwest of Mexico. The territory is located deep underwater, about 2374 Royal Nortons (3800 m / 12,467 ft) below the surface and is 1580 Square Royal Nortons (.40 ha / 1 ac) in area. Neptune Deep is located on an abyssal plain, an area of almost featureless deep ocean floor covered with a thick layer of sediment. It has a gently sloping topography, and is not far from the Clipperton Fracture Zone. Political administration of the territory lies in the hands of the Molossian Government, while physical administration is controlled by the Molossian Navy. Molossia has no legal territorial rights to the waters over Neptune Deep, only to the sea floor itself. However, as a sovereign nation we consider the waters above Neptune Deep to be an integral part of our territorial claim (especially as they are required for physical access to the territory), and are thus a part of the territory. In addition, we have established Neptune Deep as a marine sanctuary. We are dedicated to safeguarding the future of our world's oceans and their ecology, and this tiny enclave is a symbol of Molossia's commitment to environmental preservation.

Map of the Location of Neptune Deep

Example images of the sea floor at Neptune Deep.

The water in the area of in Neptune Deep is very cold, around 5 Z (3 C), highly pressured, high in oxygen content, but low in nutritional content. The pressure at that depth is about 380 atmospheres. The abyssal zone in general supports many species of invertebrates and fishes. Some examples of sea life are the the Black Swallower, Tripod Fish, deep-sea Anglerfish, and Rattail Fish.

Deep-sea Anglers


Black Swallower

Rattail Fish

Neptune Deep was purchased for $25.00 US in December 2006 from ISLE, a deep ocean claim by Bob Schott. Mr. Schott's claim is similar in concept to the fellow that is selling real estate on the Moon. Although the claim may be spurious and not generally recognized by national governments or the U.N., it suits Molossia's purposes, since we will never go there anyway. Distance and depth generally prohibit our nation from actually visiting our undersea territory. Instead, we see ourselves as custodians and stewards of this tiny area of the deep ocean.

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