2024 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2024 XLVII

My Fellow Molossians, Family and Friends.

It has been a year since I last stood before you and extolled the virtues and accomplishments of our mighty country, and in that year since, we have accomplished much more and again set out Molossia as the greatest nation on earth. This Founder’s Day marks the 47th birthday of Molossia, 47 years of building and growth, from that tiny spark to the wonderful realm we see around us today.

In the past year we have done some amazing things both within and without Molossia, from State Visits to science expeditions and more. The world continues to beat a path to our door, with well over 200 tourists coming to Molossia. Even more so, we have welcomed several State Visits, including Ponderosa Hills last July, the Republic of Chapman and of course our good friends from Slowjamastan in October and most recently Jämtland in April. In addition, we traveled outside Molossia for a rare State Visit to another nation, this time to Zaqistan in remote northwestern Utah, last September. This was a memorable adventure indeed, to the remote desert land, replete with massive artistic sculptures.

Related to diplomacy, Molossia participated in two MicroCon intermicronational meetups, the first in Joliet, Illinois and the second in Ypres, Belgium. Both were amazing, wonderful events, a priceless chance to meet with other micronationalists and learn about their nations. Such fantastic times!

Beyond State Visits and MicroCons we exercised a bit of local diplomacy, as we often do. We appeared again in the annual Nevada Day Parade in Carson City, the Small Town Christmas in nearby Dayton and even at a local Christmas event at the Dayton Air Park. All of these get the word out about Molossia, so to speak. In addition, the First Lady and I appeared twice at meet and greet public talks at the Odeon Hall, also in nearby Dayton. It’s always a pleasure to speak about Molossia, to an eager and interested crowd of admirers.

But we haven’t rested upon our laurels during these various public events, neglecting our nation in the meantime. No, we are always seeking to improve and expand Molossia. The Molossia Railroad underwent a major remodel beginning last fall and into this spring. We doubled the length of the track, removed obstructing underbrush and even added a waterfall. The mighty railroad looks better now than it ever has!

In addition, we constructed a bat house as a new home for our flying friends, built a new coconut weather station and established a new fountain in Red Square, a lovely addition indeed. For our nation’s defense, we recently constructed Fort Fenwick, a stout earthwork stronghold, on the southwest frontier of Molossia.

Science wasn’t neglected either, as we conducted a winter expedition via snowshoe to the nearby Lassen Peak volcano, to explore the geothermal features there amid towering snowdrifts.

Molossia is of course a family nation and that family grew a little this year with the addition of two new citizens. In November canine citizen Woola arrived, and in a wonderful wedding ceremony, Molossian Bryce Cardoza wed his longtime sweetheart Jasmine, adding her to our nation family as well. Our nation has grown to a population of 40!

And of course we celebrated many holidays with our Molossian family, not the least of which were Guy Fawkes – our own version of Burning Man, according to grandson Bradley – and our annual Broomball Tournament, the game that has no rules! And somewhat related, we opened the Molossian Time Capsule in February, taking time to see what life was like four years ago and burying it again to open four years from now – who knows what the future holds?

And so, we look forward to that future for our nation and our national family. Having our own nation means that the sky is the limit for what we can do. Our imagination and creativity are the only restraints, and in a nation as diverse and unique as our, those are not limits at all. Anything can happen, as it has for the last 47 years, as we sail into our 48th. Molossia is a great nation, an amazing nation, and every day we make it even more so!

God bless you, Long Live Molossia!

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