2006 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
1 July 2006 XXIX

Given late due the War with Mustachistan.

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

This past year has been one of challenges and triumphs, and Molossia's greatness as a nation has shown consistently through it all. We are a mighty land with a proud people and a beacon in the world of small nations.

In this past year we have seen many changes and made many accomplishments. Beginning last June, we established the Peace Pole north of Government House, showing our dedication to peace and amity throughout the world. However, this is not to reflect a state of national weakness nor a lack of strength, and to show this strength, we founded the Molossian Navy and the Naval Academy, also last June. Our navy is minute and possesses just one small boat, but it has served us well and promises to continue to do so in the future. Along with the Navy itself, we also founded the Naval Infantry, the land fighting arm of our military, which has since proved itself to be a brave and capable battle force in the defense of Molossia. We are very proud of our military and our commitment to peace and the security of our nation.

In the area of international relations, Molossia has also lead the way this past year. I met with the former Grand Duke of Westarctica last fall in Washington, DC, and we continue to maintain good relations with that nation through the current Grand Duke. In addition, we have forged strong relations with the Principality of Vikesland and look forward to a positive future between our two nations. Molossia's door is always open to new and positive associations between our nation and others, and we always strive to set the standard in the realm of diplomacy.

On the home front, we suffered a setback regarding our national territory. Budgetary constraints required that we surrender our Colony of Farfalla last December. This loss was softened however by the gain of our new province, Desert Homestead. Desert Homestead became a part of Molossia upon the death of my Grandfather, Ed Baugh, last fall. My Grandfather had purchased the desert property in the 1950's as part of the last Homestead Act sponsored by the United States Government. He built a cabin on the land, which has long since been destroyed, but the land itself remains. Upon his death it was willed to me and became sovereign territory of Molossia. I christened it Desert Homestead Province in honor of my Grandfather, his life and legacy.

In February, the Molossian Government re-inaugurated Radio Molossia, our voice to the world. Different from the past, Radio Molossia now features news and short thematic shows, as well as music. In addition, Molossia has entered the communications age with our new telegraph system, which provides service throughout our nation. We are very proud of this state of the art apparatus, and continue to seek similar new innovations with which to improve Molossia.

More recently, the Bank of Molossia launched its latest coin, the 50 Valora. This is Molossia's first metal coin, and it commemorates the treaty between Molossia and Westarctica. This coin is a great source of pride for our Government and our nation.

Finally the greatest accomplishment of this last year has been the successful prosecution of the War with Mustachistan. In May of 2006, after a failure of diplomacy, the nation of Mustachistan attacked Molossia, an attack to which we responded with the might of our entire nation. In just 18 days we defeated Mustachistan in two battles, destroyed their army and brought the war to a close. Our Naval Infantry performed valiantly and with impressive tactics, easily driving the Mustachistani aggressors from the field of battle. Words cannot adequately convey my pride and sense of honor in the job that our military and our nation as a whole has accomplished in meeting this threat to our freedom and destroying it.

In closing, I want to again express my pride and honor in our great nation. This has been a remarkable year in our nation's history. Molossia continues to amaze me with what we have achieved in the past and what we can accomplish in the future. That future continues to be ours as we blaze a path to greatness. I am proud to lead you as we enter that future together.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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