2007 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2007 XXX

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

Thirty years ago today, two boys watched a movie and as a result, changed history. That movie, "The Mouse That Roared" inspired them, piqued their imagination and set them on the path to found a new nation. That nation stands before you today, the greatest of the small nations of the world, the Republic of Molossia.

Thirty years later, our country has become a mighty land, a powerhouse in the world of unrecognized states, and a beacon to those that seek the same course that we have followed. Molossia leads the way in energy and drive, and sets the standard for others to follow. We have never strayed from this course, nor shied from this responsibility, instead we have led the way and will continue to do so for the next thirty years and beyond. Small nations are the future of this world, and Molossia is in the vanguard of that future.

In the past year, our nation has seen a series of unparalleled triumphs. Just one year ago, we were embroiled in a war with Mustachistan, a war from which we emerged victorious. Last August, we were featured in the Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations, a book which has made our nation well-known around the world and which has helped bring us notoriety and prosperity. I was honored to participate in two book-signings for the launch of this book, marking the first real public appearance of Molossia outside our borders. In September of last year, we opened up our new interpretive trail in the Back Forty National Park, which has enhanced the Molossian experience for visitors. And speaking of visitors, Molossia has in the last few months become a minor tourist attraction, largely as a result of the publicity we have received from the Lonely Planet book. We have thus far had eight tourists visit our tiny country, from as near as Reno and as far way as England. Among our visitors was Christopher Dilks, from Nottingham, who was so inspired by Molossia that he decided to found his own small nation. Also among our visitors were James Studholme and Benton Roman who came here to film a commercial, which will soon be seen on YouTube. This was an extraordinary experience, and a great honor for our country. We look forward to future travelers visiting our nation.

This last February, Molossia was one of the nations featured in a micronational exhibition in Paris. Among many small nations from around the globe, Molossia's coins, stamps, flags and photos were displayed - a small slice of the Molossian experience for the world to see. This, too, was a great honor. In January, we proudly announced the foundation of our latest possession, Neptune Deep. Located far out in the Pacific Ocean, Neptune Deep has been designated as a marine reserve as well as an undersea territory. In March we expanded our policy of environmental awareness and conservation by outlawing incandescent light bulbs. Molossia is the first nation to fully embrace and accomplish this ban, a feat of which we are very proud. Our planet's environment is delicate and we are its stewards - Molossia pledges to maintain this stewardship responsibly and without faltering.

Our most recent accomplishments have been in the air and in the water. Just a few weeks ago, the Molossian Ministry for Air and Space Exploration launched the "Moa", our second balloon-carried camera project. Designed to take aerial photos of Molossia, the Moa preformed very well, finally accomplishing this long sought after goal. We are very pleased with this accomplishment and we anticipate future launches and successes in the air. In the water, the Molossian Navy recently has expanded its fleet by two, with the launching of the M.S. Bandicoot and the M.S. Platypus. Designed specifically for exploration purposes, these two vessels have performed admirably, and set our tiny Navy on a course for future voyages of discovery.

And now to the future. 30 years of accomplishments and growth lie behind us, and many, many years of possibilities lie ahead. We look ahead to the shores that our Navy will explore, the heavens that our Air and Space Ministry will probe, and the renown that our nation will achieve. There is no limit to what we can accomplish as a nation and as a people. Our path has always been one of greatness, and I am certain that we will continue this course far into the future.

In closing, I want to express my ongoing pride and honor in our great nation. This has been a remarkable year and we have achieved mighty things. The future holds the promise of glory and greatness for our nation. I am proud to lead you, as we enter that future together.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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