2008 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2008 XXXI

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

It is that time again, the time step back and reflect on the accomplishments of our mighty nation over the past year, and the time to look forward to the coming year. This last year has been one of accomplishments and trials, and as always the Molossian people have met both with strength, will and confidence.

Last June, the Molossian Ministry for Air and Space Exploration launched the Oracle Rocket. The Oracle has a small camera, and for the first time we were able to take pictures of Molossia from above our nation. This is indeed an exciting accomplishment, and is the culmination of years of effort in attempting aerial photography, starting with the Astrocam, followed by the Hypérion Balloon, and then the Moa Balloon, none of which were quite successful. The Oracle flew for the first time last June and it has flown three times since then, including in our project to launch two rockets at once and most recently as a part of the Molossia-Vikesland Joint Rocket Project. The Oracle is a tremendous symbol of Molossian accomplishment in the conquest of space, and is a source of great pride for our nation.

Molossia continues to grow as a tourist destination, as our name becomes known around the world. Since spring of 2007 XXX, we have had 14 foreign visitors to Molossia, from throughout to United States and from overseas. Already this year we have had four tourists visit our tiny nation, and we have enjoyed the pleasure of their company as they tour Molossia. While we will certainly never rival Disneyland as a travel destination, just the fact that we have visitors is a credit to our nation and its reputation, considering that we are not even on the map! We look forward to future guests in our great nation, and to showing off what we have accomplished here to the world.

The Molossian Navy continued to accomplish great things during the past year. In June the Navy traveled far from our borders, and tasted salt water for the first time in our expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Last July the navy traveled to nearby Lake Tahoe, and voyaged to Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, a long planned destination that finally came to fruition. This coming summer, the Navy will again sail upon local waters, as a part of a joint exercise between Molossia and Vikesland, during the upcoming visit of the Vikeslandic Royal Family. And such are the accomplishments of our Navy, that I have directed that a monument be built, in its honor, not far from the Tower of the Winds.

But all has not been glory for our nation - we have dealt with strife this last year as well. In August 2007 XXX, residents of our Protectorate of New Antrim rose up in protest of Molossia tobacco laws. New Antrim sought the right to grow and use tobacco, in opposition to our laws prohibiting tobacco use in Molossia. Grand Admiral Hess even weighed in on the side of the New Antrim Tobacco Growers, and a war of words ensued, that threatened secession. Finally after much conversation and effort, an agreement was reached, allowing New Antrim the right to grow a limited amount of tobacco. The situation was resolved in January 2008 XXXI, a tribute to diplomatic efforts on the part of both myself and Grand Admiral Hess.

A wonderful moment in our nations history occurred on 27 October 2007 XXX, when we participated in the Nevada Day Parade. The parade, which takes place in nearby Carson City, is seen by thousands, and it was my very great pleasure to represent Molossia in it. This was an amazing and enjoyable event, and I look forward to participating in it again this year, and for many years to come.

In December, we demonstrated our spirit of independence and independent thinking by establishing a new measurement system, the Kokintz System. It is designed to make measurement simpler for Molossians, by using everyday items in our nation as measurement bases. In addition, is shows our uniqueness as a nation, that we can set our own course in such things, much like our own time zone.

In February 2008 XXXI, Molossia stepped up in the world of diplomacy and became the first nation to recognize the new country of Kosovo. While our recognition is largely symbolic, it demonstrates our will to become a part of the international scene, and our desire that all nations be sovereign. We demand the same sovereignty for all nations suffering under foreign domination, and look forward to the day when all peoples can be free to establish their own course in the world

And on the matter of diplomacy, Molossia hosted its first state visit State visit 21 April 2008 XXXI. That day we welcomed Grand Duke Paul of Greifenberg to our nation. This is the first time Molossia has hosted a visitor from another micronation, and we believe it is the first time that any micronation has hosted a representative from another micronation on its own soil. During the course of Grand Duke Paul's historic visit, plans were made to breathe life into the League of Small Nations, a project that is ongoing and will make that organization the premier intermicronational association. Grand Duke Paul's sojourn in Molossia was brief but considerable, and set the standard for intermicronational diplomacy. We look forward to another state visit this summer, when Prince Christopher of Vikesland will come to Molossia, to take part in several joint activities.

As the year behind as has held many landmark events, it is also important to dwell on the less noteworthy but not less important. Our nation is strong and prosperous. Our economy is largely undamaged by events over the border from us, although we certainly feel some strain. Our people are dynamic and energetic and our nation remains vigorous. Molossia is a tiny world power, and a force to be reckoned with.

In closing, I again voice my pride in Molossia, and the honor it is to lead this great nation. This has been another amazing year in our history, and we have accomplished wonderful things, things that bring glory to our country. The future hold great promise and endless opportunities. I am proud to lead you, as we enter that future together.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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