2009 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2009 XXXII

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

It is that time again, the time step back and reflect on the achievements of our mighty nation over the past year, and the time to look forward to the coming year. This last year has been one of great accomplishments and trials, and as always the Molossian people have met both with strength, will and confidence.

The media continues to look toward Molossia, and in doing so, brings word of our nation to the world. Last June, Molossia had the honor of being featured in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. This was the first time Molossia was mentioned in a U.S. national newspaper, and it was a truly remarkable and landmark event. Diplomacy also loomed large this last year, as Molossia hosted Prince Christopher and Princess Erin of Vikesland for a state visit late last June. This amazing meeting was marked not only by a ceremony in Republic Square, but also but a joint naval expedition to Donner Lagoon and a joint rocket launch at nearby Misfit Flats. This was our finest and most memorable diplomatic venture thus far - and a great deal of fun as well.

In August, Molossia finally had local media coverage, being featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal, the Dayton Courier, the Douglas Times and the Carson Times newspapers. In spite of this blanket news attention, local feedback was remarkably low - we received much attention in the wake of the Chicago Tribune article and almost none on the heels of the local articles. Perhaps the independent spirit of the West makes such a thing as having your own nation unremarkable here. Regardless, we are pleased with this coverage, and look forward to future attention from the local press, as well as that from around the world.

In September, our eyes turned from the heavens to the waves as we launched our Navy's first unmanned submarine, the Manta. This venture proved to be a fascinating new direction for our nation's scientific explorations. To peer beneath the waters of nearby Lake Tahoe with our underwater camera technology was truly remarkable. We look forward to future submarine voyages, by both the Manta and its planned successors. Another new direction for Molossia came unexpectedly in September when we discovered a long-forgotten declaration of war with East Germany. Though that nation is long deceased, its spirit remains in a small, uninhabited island off Cuba, and as we are unable to negotiate a peace treaty with that island, the War with East Germany continues, with no end in sight. While there may someday be a resolution, in the meantime the lack of an active aggressor at least makes the conflict a bloodless one thus far.

Winter passed quietly, although the colder months were marked by the advent of our new candle industry, and by the banning of plastic shopping bags. Molossia continues to lead the way both in intermicronational trade as well as stewards of the environment.

The arrival of spring also marked the introduction of our new Information Center, designed to inform casual visitors about our nation. Not long after that came our new Post Office, the first real building in Molossia to represent a government agency outside of Government House. We a quite proud of both of these structures and we look forward to even more buildings in the coming year, including a Trading Post and an office for our Navy. As always, we continue to seek new directions for Molossia.

As if drawn here by our burgeoning infrastructure, tourism has boomed this year. Thus far, since March alone, Molossia has played host to over 30 visitors, media, tourists and friends during Founder's Day - with more scheduled to arrive this coming weekend. This is an incredible number of guests to our nation, considering our remoteness and relative anonymity on the world scene. To me, this means that we have accomplished something in Molossia, something the world wants to see. To top that, Molossia has been visited by three separate video crews this year alone, each eager to tell Molossia's story to the world. We are truly making our mark on the world, and I intend that we shall continue to.

As the year behind as has held many landmark events, it is also important to dwell on the less noteworthy but not less important. Our nation is strong and prosperous. Our people are dynamic and energetic and our nation remains vibrant. Molossia is a growing world power, and a force to be reckoned with.

As always, in closing, I voice my pride in Molossia, and the honor it is to lead our great nation. This has been another wonderful year in Molossia's history, and together we have accomplished amazing things. The future hold great promise, glory and endless opportunities and I am proud to lead you, as we enter that future together.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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