2015 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2015 XXXVIII

My fellow Molossians, friends and family, Greetings.

Today marks the 38th birthday of our nation. 38 years of sovereignty and growth, trials and accomplishments, steps in the history of a country and a people leading to the thriving nation you see today. We are a mighty land with a proud people and a beacon in the world of small nations. Today, on Molossiaís birthday, we reflect back on the previous year, and the events and people that have made our country.

As always Molossia was host this past year to a variety of diplomatic events. There were two state visits last year; Governor General Larry Robinson of the Republic of New Plimoth arrived in Molossia in June and Shogun Wyatt Larsen, Ruler of Wyzantia, came to see us in August. Both were outstanding opportunities to meet with other world leaders.

Above all, however, the major diplomatic event of the past year was MicroCon, the first large-scale meet-up of micronationalists from all over North America. On Saturday, 11 April, representatives from 17 micronations gathered in Anaheim California to speak about their micronations, to share their thoughts and ideas and above all to become acquainted with their fellow micronationalists. This event was an amazing assembly and was followed by an equally awesome cotillion later that evening. MicroCon set the standard for micronational gatherings and will be repeated again in future years.

We participated in several public events outside Molossia, especially Nevada Day in October 2014 which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada and included a formal dinner at the Governorís Banquet, which The First lady and I attended, the Governorís Breakfast on Nevada Day itself and of course the Nevada Day Parade, always an enjoyable event. Along with Nevada Day we also participated in Dayton Valley Days, right here in the community of which Molossia is a part.

Never ones to shy away from social media, The First Lady and I utilized YouTube to participate in a pair of Molossia Q&A sessions early in the year. There are a great many fans of Molossia out there and it's important to connect with them and answer their many questions about our nation.

Molossia is a family nation and holidays are especially important to us. This last year we of course celebrated Christmas and Guy Fawkes Night as always, but also added to our calendar Zamenhof Day, a new celebration which also serves to improve our citizens' knowledge about Esperanto, Molossia's second language. Zamenhof Tago estis granda ferio ja! In addition we also celebrated Railroad Day in March, the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Molossia Railroad. On 28 July 2014 we observed the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, with a solemn ceremony at Molossia's Heroes Monument.

But Molossia is more than holidays; this last year we looked to our military preparedness, including Naval Infantry Weapons training in June, the Navy deploying to Donner Lake in August and the launch of the Great Panjandrum in January. The Great Panjandrum is a rocket-propelled wheel designed to defeat enemy defenses, useful in our never-ending War Against East Germany.

In a scientific advancement, last year we explored the possibility of manufacturing rubber in Molossia, a product which may be distilled from rabbitbrush, a shrub found throughout our nation. If this product can indeed be made, it will be another boon to our growing economy.

Disaster struck our nation in February of this year when a storm caused damaged to structures throughout Molossia and the region. Among the hardest hit was our Customs Station, which was blown over. But the Customs area rose from the disaster anew as we used the opportunity to create a new Welcome Center to greet and usher visitors into our nation.

And so we begin a new year in the world's smallest sovereign republic. The achievements of the past year are but a herald of greater things to come. There is a new energy in Molossia and this energy drives us forward to greater goals and accomplishments. We are a mighty nation and the future is ours!

As always, in closing, I voice my pride in Molossia, and the honor it is to lead our great nation. This has been another wonderful year in Molossia's history, and together we have accomplished amazing things. The future hold great promise, glory and endless opportunities and I am proud to lead you, as we enter that future together.

God Bless You, Long Live Molossia!

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