2003 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
On the Occasion of the Twenty-Sixth Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of Molossia,
May 26th, 2003 XXVI

Fellow Molossians, honored guests greetings.

Twenty-six years ago, the nation that is now Molossia was born, at that time little more than a casual pastime between two friends. The road from that fateful day those many years ago has been long and difficult. We have struggled through periods of dormancy and periods of frenzied activity. We have basked in the light of the friendship of many fellow nations, and we have felt the sting of personal attacks. We have energized the world of small nations with activities such as the Expo and the Olympics, and have lead the way many times in setting the standard for international cooperation.

And as time has passed, we have built this nation up from little more than an idea to a reality. Today, in the warmth of the desert sun, our nation stands as a real place. Our flag flies every day over Republic Square here in this small place in the very far west. You can smell the sage after the spring rain, and listen to the wind rushing across the open expanse of our nation. You can hear the water running over Heliotrope Falls, and the coyotes howling at the stars under the night sky. Molossia, our home, is a beautiful, wondrous place.

This past year has been an eventful one for our nation. This last fall saw the occurrence of the Greek Incident, an extremely unpleasant event that provoked our withdrawal from the world of nations. Our website was closed, then reopened on a much-reduced scale. At the prompting of friends, we realized that we have a place in the world, and reemerged to assume our proper place in the world of nations. And now, as we resume that place, we continually strive to grow and expand our presence in the world of nations. We have recently launched our expanded postage stamp service, and will soon hopefully be selling our stamps worldwide. We are exploring other ideas as well, such as selling homemade Molossian products on line. I am certain that this expansion will be a positive forward movement, and only bring great benefit to our nation.

As we look forward on this anniversary day, we must also look back. We can never forget our simple beginnings, and struggles that we have overcome. We also cannot forget those that have helped us along the way and to whom we a debt of gratitude. Without friends such as you, Molossia would definitely not be the nation it is today.

And so, I close this speech with the knowledge of who we are, who we have been and hopes for who we will be. Molossia is a great nation, and has only the brightest of futures. Let us go together into that future, a future bright with promise and hope.

God bless you, long live Molossia!

God Bless You,
Long Live Molossia!

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