2019 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
27 May 2019 XLII

My Fellow Molossians, Family and Friends.

26 May 2019 marks the 42nd anniversary of the founding of our nation. 42 years, 21 of which have been right here in this spot in the desert that we call home. And for each year since our nations' founding in 1977, we have accomplished great things, achievements far beyond our small size. We have truly made our mark on the world as a leader among nations and innovator among peoples. As I do every year, I stand before you today to remind you some of the great achievements that our nation has made over the past year.

Diplomacy is important and over the last year we hosted two State Visits, one last fall from President Telford of the Federal Republic of Caddia and most recently from we welcomed Duke Jordan, Prime Minster of the great nation of Westarctica. As well, we participated in the great summit at sea in October with the Kingdom of Shiloh and the Grand Duchy of Westarctica.

Always seeking to introduce Molossia to the world, we had a number of public events beyond our borders. Among them were the Oodles of Noodles celebration in nearby Dayton, Diversity Day at the Nevada National Guard, Dayton Valley Days, the annual Nevada Day Parade and Dayton's Small Town Christmas. The First Lady and I also traveled to Las Vegas for a meet and greet with fans of Molossia there.

Our proud Navy again set the standard for greatness this past year, including a voyage of exploration to an island in Lake Tahoe and by the successful launch of the Waterbug, our newest submarine.

In the ongoing quest to conquer space, we launched a series of rockets this spring, including the giant Hydra rocket. Last summer we launched our Rocket Mail program, sending mail across our nation using a rocket.

Ever resilient, our nation remained strong and overcame the disaster of the great February windstorm, which wrought damage throughout Molossia.

Of course, there's more to Molossia than just our home territory here, and last summer we again visited our far-flung colony in Northern California, Farfalla in July, where we attended to some improvements there. As well, we recently revisited nearby RollingAsia, liberated by Molossia in 2015.

Proving that we are not just couch-potatoes we held our annual Broomball tournament in March, playing our legendary game with no rules, with more such events to follow.

And I would be remiss in not mentioning that we again set a tourist record for visitors to Molossia, having 238 visitors April through October 2018. This beats the island nation of Nauru, the least visited UN nation, which had less than 200 tourists in the same year.

As always, we set the standard in the world of small nations. We go where others have not and do what others can't as we continue to build Molossia into the greatest nation on the face of the earth. I am proud and honored to be a part of this nation and pledge as always to stride boldly together with you into the bright future ahead of us.

God bless you, Long Live Molossia.

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