2020 New Year's Speech

New Year's Speech

Given on the Occasion of the Lunar New Year by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

25 January 2020 XLIII

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

We find ourselves today at the start of a new year, and a fresh new beginning beckons for our nation. But of course this is only a symbolic renewal, because every day brings new opportunities and new prospects for Molossia.

Our nation is not only a land of innovation, it is in and of itself an innovation, a daily experiment in building and growing a country. And this we have indeed done, we have built Molossia from scratch over 42 years ago, and continue to build it every day. This process has been one of not only creativity and a bit of imagination, but also one of will - the will to make a nation where none was before. Through that creative process we have built an amazing country.

And the work goes on, as we constantly strive and seek to make Molossia the greatest nation on earth. Each day, as our citizens - our Molossian family - set out on their daily tasks, working and living their lives, they each contribute in their own small way to the betterment of our nation. Bit by bit, each adds their effort and uniqueness to building up Molossia, making it the wonderful place it is today and pushing it ahead to the future.

As I often say, the future is always ours, and each of us is already working toward that future, a bright one indeed. I thank you all for all that you do to make Molossia the amazing country that it is, and I pledge to always be right there beside you as we take our nation into the future, one day at a time.

God Bless You,
Long Live Molossia!

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