2020 Founder's Day Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
26 May 2020 XLIII

My Fellow Molossians, Family and Friends.

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Molossia, 43 years of greatness, of freedom, and of charting our own course through the waters of life. 43 years ago today my friend James and I created this great nation, conceived to explore the simple idea of having a country and what would make that dream happen. Through successive years I continued this dream, this goal, bringing us eventually to this day – and now looking beyond.

This past year has been an eventful one for our nation, both busy in ways we’ve seen before and busy in ways not ever seen.

In February we reopened the Molossian Time Capsule, which was last buried four years earlier on 29 February 2016. It was wonderful to see the Molossian family of four years ago, and then to rebury the Time Capsule again, to be opened on 29 February 2024.

Also in February was the annual Molossian Broomball game, our national sport without any rules. Always chaotic and fun, our unique national sport was played by a good portion of our population at once, without any winners but always with a great deal of entertainment.

Always seeking to augment our economy, we inaugurated a new product, Mad Mustang Lip Balm, in January. The flavor of orange has proven to be very popular!

We welcomed our newest citizen on 31 October, Liliana Grace Erickson was born to Molossian Kaylin Harrison and her fiancé Anthony Erickson. Welcome Lily!

We added a new Ministry to the Molossian Government, the Ministry of Territorial Administration. The MTA is responsible for the management of the Molossia Constabulary, National Park Service, the two Provinces and one Colony. In addition, the MTA oversees three new departments, the Territorial Health Service, Directorate of Emergency Management and Directorate of Environmental Management. The Directorate of Emergency Management is responsible for our new emergency management plan and the Directorate of Environmental Management is responsible for our environmental management plan.

Speaking of the environment, the Republic of Molossia took a major step in environmental stewardship by inaugurating a Solar Power system, used to power all of Red Square. Now solar power provides electricity to the Molossia Post Office, Office of the President, Bank of Molossia and the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill.

Red Square was the site of another music concert, as we again hosted Chris Bernstorf last fall, who also performed in Molossia two years earlier, along with the band Common Folk.

The Molossian Navy conducted three separate voyages over the past year, first exploring Scripps Lagoon in Washoe Lake last June, followed by a voyage across the Nevada California border in Lake Tahoe in August. Most recently, the Navy teamed up with the Molossian Air and Space Agency to sail to an island in Lake Lahontan and launch a rocket. This mission was a great success and a landmark for both our Navy and Space Agency.

The Navy also launched our legendary wonder weapon again, the Great Panjandrum. This weapon, a rocket powered assault wheel, is designed to repel the enemies of Molossia in the event of a conflict. Launched in April at nearby Misfit Flats, the Panjandrum performed excellently, and is a great asset in the defense of our nation.

We hosted one State Visit over the past year, from President Aydan of the State of Malinovia. It was excellent to be able to welcome him to Molossia, a diplomatic milestone for both our nations.

Perhaps the biggest diplomatic occasion of the past year was MicroCon 2019. Taking place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, MicroCon is the biennial meetup of micronationalists from around the world. Over a three day period, myself, the First Lady and the Chief Constable met and mingled with the leaders and citizens of many micronations, a wonderful opportunity to learn about each other’s nations and build bonds between us. MicroCon was an amazing event, and we look forward to the next MicroCon, taking place in Las Vegas next year.

A major event in Molossia and around the world has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Originating in China last fall, the Coronavirus disease spread around the world, arriving in the neighboring United States in January 2020. By March quarantine restrictions were implemented to prevent the disease from spreading, and Molossia was not exempt from these. The Molossian Territorial Health Service established guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease, including social distancing and hygiene practices. In addition the Molossian border was closed to visitors, which resulted in the cancellation of the planned April tour of our nation. To date, as the pandemic continues, Molossia has been free from incidences of the virus, and we plan to keep it that way.

Molossia remains a strong, proud and active nation and we plan to keep it that way. Each day brings new ideas and new opportunities for our country and each day we challenge ourselves to make our nation a better place. I am always proud of what we do here in Molossia, and proud to lead this wonderful nation to an ever brighter future.

God bless you, Long Live Molossia.

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