2022 New Year's Speech

New Year's Speech

Given on the Occasion of the Lunar New Year by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

1 February 2022 XLV

My Fellow Molossians, Greetings.

The New Year is a symbolic time for renewal, for looking ahead, not back and for anticipating the future, not relishing the past. But I think we can do both this New Year, because much like not understanding pleasure without having known pain, we can better know the future while reflecting on the past. Molossia as a nation has now been around for 45 years and during those years we done great things with our nation. To be sure, there have been and always will be ups and downs, but we have much to be proud of, much that we have accomplished as a nation and as a people. Molossia was created from nothing all those years ago, nothing but an idea. Over four decades later this nation stands tall upon its sovereign soil, a shining place and a beacon among the small nations of the world.

Looking to the future, we will continue to build and grow this nation, and make it better every day. No place is perfect, nor will it be, but that does not mean we cannot strive for perfection. This coming year we will seek to enhance our sovereignty, by developing agriculture in Molossia, and thus reducing our dependency on the US. We will continue to seek the path of improving our independence, and conduct ourselves as a serious nation, one worthy of attention as such. We continue to welcome visitors to our nation, always happy to show off what we have built, and the unique place that is Molossia. And the building will continue, not just infrastructure but holistically, improving and enhancing all the many parts that make up our nation. We will build on the lessons of the past, as we shape Molossia into the future.

Greatness is our past and greatness is our future as well. As always, I will lead you into that future, but we walk that path together, and together the future is ours.

God Bless You,
Long Live Molossia!

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