Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
September 3rd, 2003 XXVI

My Fellow Molossians:

Four years ago, I stood before you on this spot and proclaimed the end of the Communist regime that had dominated our nation for twelve long months, and proclaimed the advent of the Republic of Molossia. Four years later, our nation still stands strong as a tiny voice in a giant world, a Gulliver in Brobdingnag. We have worked hard to build what we have here, and slowly our nation is becoming known to the world, while we take pride in our accomplishments here at home.

There remains the question of security, and it is to this point that I speak today. I have been asked, by individuals outside Molossia, why our nation is under martial law, and what hope is there of freedom for our people. I will address the second question first. The Molossian People are now free, and have always been free. There is not now nor has there ever been a time when either my government or myself has repressed the people of this nation. Speech and assembly rights are not curtailed, nor does any citizen feel unable to redress grievances against our government. While representative government remains a goal of the future, Molossians are still free to speak their minds, and the government will listen.

Martial law began during those tumultuous days following the end of the Communist government, when the order and security of our nation was deemed more important than representative government. Since that time, restrictions have been loosened, and no Molossian need fear for his rights today. However, martial law remains the order of the day, and will for a while yet. After the seizure of power in the United States by an undemocratically elected President, known in Molossia as the American Coup, it was obvious that Molossia's security, dependent on American generosity, was in question. That illegal government, having been attacked during that awful day, September 11th, 2001 XXIV, has since taken steps to quietly remove the civil liberties of her citizens, in the name of national security. Molossians have watched this process with alarm, while attempting to remain neutral in the conflicts that have arisen since, Afghanistan and Iraq. We have no official policy on either of these military adventures, leaving such matters up to the larger nations to deal with, and the United Nations to oversee. Daily, we watch events unfold, pitting the United States against the world, and daily we worry for our security in these uncertain times. There is no doubt that, should America feel threatened by Molossia, they will crush us like a bug.

Therefore, martial law will continue in Molossia, as long as America labors under its current regime, and labors under attack from radical elements from within and without. America's security is Molossia's security, and we must take steps to ensure that our nation survives, much as they have and will.

There will come a time, hopefully soon, when events may bring change to America, and peace and a legal government will reign in that nation. Until that time, we remain watchful, vigilant and strong. Molossia is a small nation, but a mighty one. Let us all pull together as we have so often to ensure our course remains true. As I have said before, the future is ours, let us safeguard it.

God bless you,
Long Live Molossia!

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