New Year's Speech

Given by His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
January 22nd, 2004 XXVII

This last year has been a great one for our nation. In 2003 we emerged from our self-imposed internal exile and re-entered the world of nations. We re-established our nation as one of the most pre-eminent and established small nations of the world, and a leader among nations. In 2003 our name was known across the United States, and indeed across the world, through the interview I gave to Tech TV. This interview, conducted via telephone and webcam, was an excellent occasion during which I was allowed to showcase our nation. I am certain that Molossia will become a household word, and our nation's goal of full sovereignty will be furthered through such means as this interview. In 2003 we saw the expansion of the Molossia Railroad, an expansion that will continue in the year to come. We extended our frontiers for the first time ever, by establishing the Farfalla Colony in Northern California. Not only has this northern oasis added threefold to the total area of our nation, but it offers a potential pastoral future for our nation, as the area around the Home Territory becomes more crowded and developed. In August of 2003, I met with the leaders of two other small nations, at a conference in Las Vegas. This meeting, which brought together His Majesty, King Spence of Zarahemla, Premier Nicholas Fry of Ambrose and me was an outstanding opportunity to interact with other world leaders, also seeking their own form of sovereignty. The result of this summit was a new spirit of friendship and support that can only be had by such conclaves. 2003 was indeed a banner year for Molossia and 2004 promises even greater rewards. Our nation is so small that even the slightest of gains can be monumental, and thus I feel certain that we shall see truly mighty gains this coming year.

This coming year then, let us look forward to a brighter world. Let us hope for peace, prosperity and security to return to our giant neighbor nation and to the world in these troubled times. Let us hope for an end to the pointless Cuban embargo, and an opening of free trade between the United States and Cuba. Only this way will democracy come to that impoverished nation. Let us hope and work toward the permanent abandonment of the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository. No good will come of this plan to dump tons of toxic nuclear waste in a faulty storage facility atop the Nevada Aquifer. The security of this water source is of grave importance now, and for generations to come. This threat must be ended. Let us hope for peace, prosperity and a bright future for all mankind, and for a peaceful coexistence with this planet we call home.

Let seek ever to expand Molossia's role in both the world of small nations and the world of large nations. We all have much to contribute to each other. Let us continue to explore the heavens and the earth around us, for knowledge is indeed power. As always, let us continue to strive, to grow, to explore, to live and to learn.

And so, these things said, let us move forward. Every year is a new beginning for Molossia, and every year brings new opportunities. Molossia is among the greatest of the small nations of the world, a beacon to those that seek self-government and sovereignty. We never hesitate to lead, and to set the example. For twenty-seven years now Molossia has grown and prospered. This pace continues unabated, and will continue for many long years.

In this coming year, then, I speak to all Molossians and wish to you all the best. I pledge to continue to lead you as best I can, to be your mentor and your partner. I am not the nation, we all are. And together we shall continue to build toward a great future for all Molossians.

God Bless You.
Long Live Molossia!

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