Vikeslandic Star Rocket Project

A Project by the Vikesland Department of Aeronautics and Space
In Conjunction with the 2007-2008 Intermicronational Geophysical Year

This rocket project is called the Vikeslandic Star video rocket project. The Rocket is designed to put a small video camera up to a maximum altitude of 2100 feet. The rocket is custom designed by Vikesland's top rocketry engineer, using the latest in design software. This particular test launch was of a smaller version of the R.A.V.R.U. (Rocket Assisted Video Recon Unit) rocket design. This rocket will be used as the general workhorse vehicle for launching various payloads into low altitudes. The full working model of the rocket is currently under construction and when finished will be close to four feet in length and will be powered by a cluster of four engines of varying power depending on payload and altitudes. The test launch proved that the rocket is indeed very stable under normal wind conditions and that the parachute deployment system needed upgrading. The second test proved the parachute does work and that the rocket will indeed not have a catastrophic failure in higher winds.

Rocket Schematic

Movie of the Rocket Testing Phase

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