MicroCon 2017

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HRH Julianna (Ruritania)
"How To Sustain A Micronation"
HM King Ernest-Emanuel (Amethonia)
Subject Not Announced
HIH Eric Lis (Aerica)
"Mental Condition of Emperor Norton"
HSH Jean-Pierre (Aigues-Mortes)
"Alternative Citizenship"
HM King Richard (Royal Edan)
"The Need For Non-Territorial States"
HE Baron Omar Cisnerosos (Flandrensis)
“Hobby Micronationalism In The 21st Century”
Pres. Michael R. Bannister (Boshka)
"What Gives Your Currency Value?"
Vice President John Farr (West Who)
"Micronational Postal Systems"
President Kevin Baugh (Molossia)
"Keeping It Real - Real Life, Real Activities and Real Places in Micronationalism"
First Lady Adrianne Baugh (Molossia)
"Women in Micronations: Starting Your Own or Supporting Your Dictator Husband"
HM King George II (Slabovia)
"How To Apply To Host A MicroCon"