Brought to You by the Mighty Molossian Navy

On Saturday, 9 July 2011 XXXIV, His Excellency, The President and The First Family, as part of the Molossian Navy, departed Molossia for distant Donner Lake, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains not far from Lake Tahoe. There they deployed the mighty M.S. Platypus, the redoubtable M.S. Bandicoot and the stalwart M.S. Wombat, pride of our fleet, on routine naval maneuvers. In addition, the Navy launched the "Seahorse" diving bell, for a look into the depths of the Donner Lagoon. For several hours the Navy traveled Donner Lagoon, surveying the waters below and concurrently honing their skills maneuvering our little fleet. At the end of the mission, although the Seahorse performed well beneath the surface, results were considered unremarkable. Plans were then made to construct a new submarine to better see the world below the waves. The Navy returned to Molossia, their sights set on the next mission.

On Sunday, 17 July 2011 XXXIV the Molossian Navy departed for distant Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierras about 80 Imperial Nortons (80 KM/50 MI) from the Molossian Home Territories. There they continued the previous weeks' naval maneuvers, again using the Platypus and Bandicoot. The primary purpose of this mission was test our newest submersible, the "Neptune". The Neptune was constructed on the frame of the old "Manta" submarine, and was designed to be a "towed array", floating on the surface of the water while the camera peers below the waves. The Neptune was named after Molossia's undersea territory of Neptune Deep. The sub was launched and performed admirably, although much like Donner Lagoon, Lake Tahoe's submerged realms proved to be uninteresting camera fodder. The array was reeled in and the Molossian Navy then performed standard maneuvering practice with the Bandicoot and Platypus before retiring for the day. Thus ended two successful missions for our mighty Navy, with many more to come.

Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

At Donner Lake

The President and
First Lady at
5 MPH Island.

The President
Aboard the Bandicoot.

The First Lady
Aboard the Platypus.

Donner Lagoon.

Donner Lake.

At Lake Tahoe

The "Neptune".

The Neptune
in the Water.

Launching the Neptune.

First Sons Nathan
and Carson Afloat.

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