Scenes from Molossia.

The Flag Of Molossia.

Government House.

Office of the President.

The President in his office.

The Famous Pineapple Fountain,
Red Square.

The Molossian Desert Landscape.

Clouds over Molossia.

Rainbow over Molossia.

The flag at dusk.

The Province of Desert Homestead.

The Molossian Naval Infantry.

The President Aboard
the M.S. Wombat.

The President Afloat.

Norton Park.

Norton Park.

Molossia's Peace Pole.

Molossia Railroad.

Molossia Railroad.

Molossia Railroad.

Wild horses up Sutro Canyon.

The catapult built in 2001 XXIV.

Winter snow on Republic Square.

The original Tower of the Winds, built on April 27th, 2001 XXIV and destroyed by the wind only days later.

His Excellency, The President on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary
of the founding of the Republic, May 26th, 2001 XXIV.

Molossian citizens cleaning up on Founder's Day, 2001 XXIV.

Molossian Mark Baugh racing in the 100 Meter dash during the Molossia 2000 Olympic Games. Mark won the Gold Medal in this race.

His Excellency, The President and Molossian Mark Baugh on the occasion of the opening ceremonies of the Molossia 2000 Olympic Games.

His Excellency, The President having ascended to the summit of Sutro Peak.

Mexican Roses in front of Government House.

Republic Square.

Miniature Roses in the Rose Rocks.

MicroCon 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

MicroCon Gala 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

His Excellency, The President of Molossia and Prince Christopher of Vikesland on the occasion of the State Visit of Prince Christopher and Princess Erin to Molossia, June 27th - 30th, 2008 XXXI.

His Excellency, The President of Molossia and Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica on the occasion of the State Visit in Washington D.C., September 20th, 2005 XXVIII.

World Intermicronational Conference, August 2nd, 2003 XXVI, Las Vegas, Nevada. From the left, the Honorable Nicholas Q. Fry, Premier of the Nation of Ambrose; His Royal Highness, Spence King of the Kingdom of Zarahemla; His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia.

The State Visit between His Excellency, the President and their Majesties, Kasimir Diana, Regina and Ambyre Maria, Regina, dual monarchs of TorHavn on November 19th, 2000 XXIII.

Boundary marker on the
Molossian Frontier.

"MOL" sticker on the Presidential Jeep.

Molossia sign in
front of Government House.

"Emperor Norton II" Cannon
in front of Government House.

The Tower of the Winds

The Tower of the Winds

Micronations Direction Sign

Border Sign

Winter in Molossia

Molossia's National Christmas Tree

Winter Warfare Training, February 2011 XXXIV

The President and First Lady
in Washington, DC, November 2010 XXXIII

The President in Washington, DC

The President and First Lady
at a meet and greet.

Molossia Water Tower

Building the Flagpole at Desert Homestead Province

President and First Lady, Founderís Day 2010

Invasion of Molossia

Kickassian Surrender

Molossia Trading Post

Winter Games Biathlon

Winter Games Snowshoe Race

The Molossia Rangers

2010 Nevada Day Parade

2009 Nevada Day Parade

2009 Dayton Valley Days Parade

2008 Nevada Day Parade

Space Monument

Molossian Phone Booth

Molossia Post Office

Customs Office and Information Center

Seahorse Submarine

2007 Nevada Day Parade

Red Square

Molossian Navy Monument

Molossia'a Bottle Forest

Molossia's Bottle Forest

Molossia Flowers

Molossia Flowers

Molossia Flowers

Founder's Day 2018

Founder's Day 2018

Founder's Day 2018

Nevada Day Parade 2017

Dayton Valley Days 2017

Farfalla Colony

Farfalla Colony

Molossia Constabulary

Molossia Constabulary

Guy Fawkes Celebration - The Guys.

Guy Fawkes Celebration - Burning the Guys.

2017 Misfit Regatta

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